Terms and Conditions

Please be advised of the following rules:
We are STRICTLY a Class A or Class C Motorcoach Resort, accepting well maintained coaches that are RVIA or RVIC approved, with a minimum length of 25 feet. NO Class B coaches, trailers, fifth-wheels, campers, tents or toy haulers. Check-in is between 1:00 pm and 8:45 pm. Arrivals after 9:00 pm will NOT be allowed in the resort. No exceptions. If these qualifications are not met we reserve the right to refuse service.

The maximum is 2 well-behaved pets to be leashed AT ALL TIMES. Do not leave your pets unattended at any time in your coach or tied up outside. Pets are not allowed in any resort buildings. Please pick up after your pets; there are 2 dog parks with bags available. Owners are responsible for all damage to the resort property by their pets.

Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult AT ALL TIMES in all resort buildings, fitness center, pools or spas. You must be 18 or older to use the exercise equipment. Clubhouse and North Building hours are 7:30am thru 10:00pm (winter hours may vary). There are no lifeguards on duty at the pools. Use at your own risk. Parents are responsible for all damage to the resort property by their children. Only drive/walk/ride bikes & scooters on the paved portions of the roadways and your site pad. Helmets are required for children under the age of 16 on bikes and scooters. Kite flying, remote control airplanes, helicopters, drones or cars are not to be used on resort grounds.

Checkout time is 12:00pm. Prompt checkout is required due to a 1:00pm check-in time. Quiet hours are 10:00pm thru 7:00am and strictly enforced. 

Any person who fails to adhere to Resort rules or policies shall be evicted from the Resort at the sole discretion of Resort management. The entire list of rules and regulations is available in the resort office by request.

Liability Waiver.

This property is privately owned.  The renter accepts resort privileges with the understanding that he does hereby waive all claims against the resort and its officers and employees arising out of this agreement, and releases the resort of any and all liability for:

a) loss or damage to the renter’s property arising out of renter’s use of this resort’s facilities.; or

b) injury to the renter’s person arising out of renter’s use of this resort’s facilities.

Renter agrees to indemnify the resort, its officers and employees, against claims resulting from:

a) loss or damage to the renter’s property or the property of renter’s family or guests arising out of the use of this resort’s facilities; or

b) injury to the renter’s person or to the person of any guest or member of the family of the registered renter arising out of the use of this resort’s facilities.

Rules and Regulations.
Renter represents and warrants that renter has read and agrees to comply with all of the Resort’s Rules and Regulations. Renter further agrees to comply with any amendments or additions to the Rules and Regulations.

Any dispute or claim that arises out of or that relates to this agreement, or to the interpretation or breach thereof, or to the existence, validity, or scope of this agreement or the arbitration agreement, shall be resolved by arbitration in accordance with the then effective arbitration rules of (and by filing a claim with) Arbitration Service of Portland, Inc., and judgment upon the award rendered pursuant to such arbitration may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof, and the resolution of the disputed matter as determined by the arbitrator will be binding on the parties. Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing in this paragraph shall preclude the resort from bringing, maintaining and concluding an action against the renter for forcible entry or wrongful detainer, and this paragraph shall not apply to any dispute that is encompassed within the FED legal action. Any arbitration will be conducted in accordance with the following provisions:
(a) Except as otherwise provided in this agreement, the arbitration will be conducted in accordance with procedural rules of the Arbitration Service of Portland;
(b) Arbitration proceedings under this Agreement may be consolidated with arbitration proceedings pending between other parties if both arbitration proceedings arise out of the same transaction or relate to the same subject matter. Consolidation will be by order of the arbitrator in any of the pending cases or, if the arbitrator fails to make such an order, the parties may apply to any court of competent jurisdiction for such an order.
(c) A party may, without inconsistency with this Agreement, seek from a court any interim or provisional relief that may be necessary to protect the rights or property of that party pending the establishment of the arbitration (or pending the arbitrator’s determination of the merits of the dispute, controversy, or claim).
(d) The arbitrator will have authority to issue preliminary and other equitable relief.
(e) The arbitrator will have the authority to award any remedy or relief that an Oregon court could order or grant, including specific performance of any obligation created under this Agreement, the issuance of an injunction, or the imposition of sanctions for abuse or frustration of the arbitration process, except that the arbitrator will not have authority to award punitive damages or any other amount for the purpose of imposing a penalty as opposed to compensating for actual damage suffered or actual loss incurred.
(f) The arbitration award must be in writing, must be signed by the arbitrator, and must include a statement regarding the disposition of any claim. The award must be kept confidential to the fullest extent permitted by law.