Pacific Shores Events 2020


Tuesday, July21st in the clubhouse, Burgers & Dogs
We ask owners to arrive at 5PM and then guests are invited to arrive @6PM.
Bring a side dish to share and your drink of choice
Wednesday, July 22nd from 2-5PM in the clubhouse, Wine Tasting
There will be a charge to taste and food will be provided by the HOA.
Thursday, July 23rd is Vendor Day in the clubhouse. Please visit these vendors in the clubhouse. In addition, there will be an Ice Cream Social @ 3PM, (ice cream is free)
Friday, July [email protected] 4PM is the Pink Flamingo Happy Hour @ 4PM in the clubhouse.
Bring an appetizer/heavy hors d’oeuvres to share and your drink of choice. All the winners from the week’s games will be announced and acknowledged.
Following this will be a Comedian on stage to entertain us.

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Find the Coach of your Dreams. Coaches on-Display July 16 -28, 2020.
ALL are Welcome!